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Life Entrepreneurs

News & Reviews

Here is a listing of newspaper and magazine articles and blogs about the book or the authors, as well as book reviews and radio interviews.

Leading Reviews and Media Attention

Other Reviews and Media Attention

Interviews & Podcasts

  • To watch Christopher Gergen's TEDx Triangle Park video on "Life Entrepreneurs" click here
  • To watch Gregg Vanourek's Barrett Values Centre talk on "A Quest and a Call" click here
  • To watch Christopher Gergen's Champlain College Sophomore Symposium video on "Life Entrepreneurs" click here
  • To watch Gregg Vanourek's Leaderonomics interview with Bob Vanourek click here
  • To watch Christopher Gergen's Commonwealth Club talk on "Life Entrepreneurs" click here
  • To listen to Gregg Vanourek's podcast on "Life Entrepreneurs" for the Relentless Dentist click here
  • To watch the Spotlight interview with Christopher Gergen on "Life Entrepreneurs" click here
  • To watch Gregg Vanourek's Leadership Nuggets interview on "Leadership Takes Courage" click here
  • Listen to a podcast of Gregg Vanourek being interviewed about the book by Rob McNealy, Start Up Story Radio, Denver, CO
  • Listen to a radio interview of Christopher Gergen being interviewed on The Jordan Rich show WBZ Boston, MA
  • Watch a video keynote address by Gregg Vanourek to the Wisconsin Charter School Association's annual statewide charter conference, Madison, WI
  • Listen to a radio interview of Christopher Gergen being interviewed by Dr. Alvin Jones on WCBQ-WHNC-AM, Raleigh NC
  • Watch a TV interview with Christopher Gergen on Plum TV in Aspen, CO

Radio Interviews with the Authors

  • WBIX-AM, Boston, MA. Stu Taylor Show. Christopher Gergen.
  • KYMO-AM/FM, East Prairie, MO. Morning Show. Christopher Gergen.
  • WKAZ-FM, Charleston, WV. Mike Fitzgerald Program. Gregg Vanourek.
  • Ocean City, MD. Live Morning Show. Christopher Gergen.
  • WSYR-AM, Syracuse, NY. George Kilpatrick Show. Christopher Gergen.
  • WIP-AM, Philadelphia, PA. Live, Conversations with Peter Solomon. Christopher Gergen.
  • WFON, Milwaukee, WI. Live with Jon and Mary. Gregg Vanourek.
  • ABC Radio Network (national). Live with Richard and Lori. Gregg Vanourek.
  • WTKF-FM, Jacksonville, NC. Live with Ben Ball. Gregg Vanourek.
  • Cable Radio Network (national). Live with Jack Roberts. Gregg Vanourek.
  • KCMN-AM, Colorado Springs, CO. Live with Tron Simpson. Gregg Vanourek.
  • WSRQ-AM/Suncoast Magazine, Sarasota, FL. Doug Miles and Jim Grady. Gregg Vanourek.
  • KFNN-AM, Phoenix, AZ. Live with Business for Lunch (Ken Morgan). Christopher Gergen.
  • KKZN-AM, Denver, CO. Start Up Story Radio. Gregg Vanourek.
  • KVON-AM, San Francisco, CA. Morning Edition. Christopher Gergen.
  • Traders Nation Network, national. Live with Kurt Schemers. Christopher Gergen.
  • KRCN-AM, Denver, CO. Colorado Business for Breakfast Radio. Gregg Vanourek.
  • WBZ-AM, Boston, MA. The Jordan Rich Show. Christopher Gergen.
  • KLTC Clear Channel Radio. Dickinson, ND. The Paul Quinn Show.
    Gregg Vanourek.
  • BizRadio Network Houston-Dallas TX. Live, The Morning Show, with Brent Clanton. Christopher Gergen.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio (national). Live with Larry Flick, nationally syndicated. Christopher Gergen
  • WCBQ-WHNC-AM, Raleigh, NC. Live with Alvin Jones. Christopher Gergen.
  • KNEWS Radio. Palm Springs, CA. Live with John McMullen. Christopher Gergen.
  • High Plains Radio Network. TX. Live, Good Morning Texas. Gregg Vanourek.
  • WMOV Radio. Ravenswood, WV. Live with Greg Gack. Christopher Gergen.
  • WJON Radio. St. Cloud, MN. Live with Jay Caldwell. Christopher Gergen.
  • WMYN/WLOE Radio. Eden-Rockingham County, NC. Live on "Let's Talk." Christopher Gergen.
  • Mountain Public Radio. Dillon, CO. Live interview. Gregg Vanourek.
  • KYNO Radio. Fresno, CA. The Alan Autry Show. Gregg Vanourek.