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Life Entrepreneures

Ordinary people creating extraordinary lives. Leaders excelling through the power of entrepreneurship. Rising generations taking command of their lives and work by integrating them. But how?

Today, a new type of leader is emerging—leaders who apply their vision, talents, creativity, and energy not only to their work but to their entire lives, changing the world for themselves and those around them. These people are not just living their lives... they're leading them. Welcome to the territory of "life entrepreneurs".

Today, people are looking for opportunity, challenge, and the chance to develop their talents, achieve success, and make an impact. But they are also looking for a rich home life, rewarding friendships, active lifestyle, and deeper fulfillment. Life entrepreneurs are able to thrive in all these realms by proactively taking the following seven steps (each one a chapter in the book):

  1. Discovering core identity
  2. Awakening to opportunity
  3. Envisioning the future
  4. Developing goals and strategies
  5. Building healthy support systems
  6. Taking action and making a difference
  7. Embracing renewal and reinvention

Who Should Read this Book?

Life Entrepreneurs is intended for a wide-ranging audience, including: emerging leaders and budding entrepreneurs; those interested in entrepreneurial leadership, personal development, and community-building; and those contemplating or experiencing a life change, facing a challenge or crisis, or starting to think about their legacy. It is for those who are achieving success in work but have lost their way in life. It is for those who know they could be getting more out of life but aren't sure how—as well as for those who are already living a good life but want it to be great.

The premise behind this book—and its promise—is that everyone has the potential to be a life entrepreneur.

Book Clubs and discussion groups

Discussing the principles and techniques of Life Entrepreneurs with your farmily, friends, and collegues will enhance your experience and understanding of the book.  Life Entrepreneurs is also great for book clubs and discussion groups. For suggested discussion questions, download this Life Entrepreneurs Worksheet.