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Life Entrepreneures

Life Entrepreneurs Exercises

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Background and Instructions: The Life Entrepreneurs Exercises, which track the flow of Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008), are designed as an entrepreneurial leadership development activity to help people lead an extraordinary life. We recommend that you complete the Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment© before doing these exercises, because that assessment will provide you with a sense of areas in which you are strong and areas that warrant further attention. Click here to take the Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment.

You can go through the exercises here in one of two ways:

  1. We recommend that you go through the entire set of exercises (including all seven parts) comprehensively and sequentially. (This should not be done in one sitting, though. Altogether, the exercises are likely to take several hours to complete, and it's important that you not rush through them, since this is meant to be a reflective process. If you get part-way through, your work will be saved so you can return to it later.)
  2. It's also possible to do individual exercises or combinations of exercises. Note, though, that the exercises are designed as a comprehensive package, so some of the benefits may be lost when they are done this way.

When done comprehensively, this set of exercises leads to what we call an Entrepreneurial Life Plan© (ELP). We recommend that you consult your ELP regularly to maintain accountability and ensure progress—and that you revise it annually so that it stays fresh and continues to inform your life path.

Note that these exercises are designed as a supplement to Life Entrepreneurs. They are meant to be conducted in conjunction with the book, not as a stand-alone. They are also meant to be challenging. This set of exercises, when done properly, can be transformative.

These exercises can be done on your own, in a peer learning group, or as part of a facilitated process. In our workshops, we can help guide you through this reflective growth process in a supportive environment. Through our single- or multi-day seminars, we will work through the critical steps of the entrepreneurial path, help you with stumbling blocks, share best practices, and connect you with a community of emerging Life Entrepreneurs. To learn more about our facilitated workshops, please click here.

In summary, here is the recommended process for those interested in these concepts and activities:

  1. Register for this website, or, for those already registered, simply log in using the form to the right.
  2. Take our Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment to get feedback on key life entrepreneurship indicators.
  3. Read Life Entrepreneurs.
  4. Complete these Life Entrepreneurs Exercises, resulting in your own personal Entrepreneurial Life Plan.
  5. Take the Personal Assessment again to gauge your progress.
  6. Revisit the Exercises on a regular basis and re-do your ELP annually.
  7. Create your own peer learning group or support network and work through your Personal Assessment and Exercises with them.
  8. Learn more about a facilitated workshop if you are interested in going deeper.

Now, let's get started. Please log in or register using the form on the right. This will allow you to save your work on the Life Entrepreneurs Exercises, so you can return to them later.

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