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September 10th, 2008 by Admin

After a brief blogging respite and a busy summer, our work has reached a new stage of development that we wanted to share before going back to our regularly scheduled blog.  Among the highlights to note:


The Life Entrepreneurs Exercises  are now live on our web site.  These exercises, which track the flow of the book, are designed as a free personal and leadership development activity to help you lead an extraordinary life and maximize your impact at work or in your community activities.  When done comprehensively, this set of exercises leads to what we call an Entrepreneurial Life Plan (ELP).  [These exercises accompany the Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment, which is designed to provide you with an indication of how well your life currently matches with the framework outlined in the book. Taking this assessment is meant to be a reflective exercise that can help inform your current life path.]


We are now offering a number of exciting and dynamic workshops and webinars  for individuals and organizations interested in life entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership at work.

We are also talking with networks of life and leadership coaches about embedding our frameworks into their coaching practices.  We are thrilled with this development since it will allow us to reach more people.  If you are an interested coach or interested in coaching, please contact us.

We are building out a national leadership development practice  for organizations interested in creating high-performance cultures by harnessing the power of entrepreneurial leadership. 


Finally, we continue to speak to student and professional groups across the country, and have recently established writing partnerships with Harvard Business Online , and the Washington Times.  We will be posting summaries of these columns and blogs on this blog, with links to the full articles on the respective sites.


As always, we look forward to hearing from you and continuing the conversation.


[Note that you must register on the site to access the Assessment and Exercises.  If you have previously registered, you will be prompted to log in.]

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