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Life Entrepreneures

Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment

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Background and Instructions: This Personal Assessment is designed to provide you with an indication of how well your life currently matches with the framework outlined in Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives. Taking this assessment is meant to be a reflective exercise that can help inform your current life path. Are you headed where you want to go? What adjustments might you want to make? Coupled with the Life Entrepreneurs Exercises, our hope is that these tools will help you address these questions.

This assessment should take about 10 or 15 minutes to complete. We recommend completing it in one sitting.

Upon completion, you will be provided with a feedback page that reflects your current life entrepreneurship profile including: entrepreneurial path indicators, your drive and direction orientation, your current position on the "Patterns of Living" Matrix, a personal good life gauge, and an overall life entrepreneurship score. The feedback page will help you identify areas that are working for you and other areas that may need further work and attention.

Once you have completed this assessment, we suggest that you do the Life Entrepreneurs Exercises, which are designed to give you actionable steps coming out of this assessment and put into practice the framework outlined in the book. We offer exercises related to all of the steps on the entrepreneurial path, including discovering core identity, awakening to opportunity, envisioning the future, developing goals and strategies, building support systems, taking action and making a difference, and embracing renewal and reinvention. This assessment will point you to specific exercises you may want to focus on. We also offer interactive facilitated Workshops for those interested in going deeper with this process.

Once you take this Personal Assessment, your responses will be saved for future reference. Log back in at any time to see your results or to take it again to see how your answers may have changed. We recommend that you take this Personal Assessment periodically (for example, monthly or annually) so that you can use it as a gauge of progress along your entrepreneurial path.

[About this Personal Assessment: This is a criterion-referenced index based on a framework we developed from our interviews with fifty-five entrepreneurs worldwide. The Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment is an experimental tool that we hope to refine and improve over time. Our intent is to provide a helpful tool to our readers and to create an instrument that helps us better understand the nascent field of life entrepreneurship.]

To access the Life Entrepreneurs Personal Assessment, you must log in using the form to the right, and then click the link below to begin. [We ask that you agree to a simple Consent Form allowing us to gather this data and spelling out how your personal information and privacy are protected.]

To start your Personal Assessment,
please log in or register using the form to the right.